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Slack is a collaboration hub for work, no matter what work you do. It’s a place where conversations happen, decisions are made, and information is always at your fingertips. With Slack, our team is better connected.


Communication in Slack happens in channels, organized by project, topic, team, or whatever makes sense for you.


Conversations in Slack are searchable by everyone, so you can tap into company knowledge and find information when you need it.


Slack works with the tools and services you already use every day. Pipe in information or take action without leaving Slack.


Zello is the push-to-talk app that refines the walkie talkie, and is available for both licensed and unlicensed operators.  Zello is a great place to get started on Ham Radio Hub!

Our Channels

IRN – International Radio Network

International Radio Network, the brainchild of our very our Gareth Jackson M6IGJ, is a radio based server using the TeamSpeak platform.  The server hosts many channels and crosslinks, including Zello, Allstar, DMR, D-Star, and Fusion.  Check out the setup guides here to get started!

TheGuild Multimode Hub


Hamshack Hotline

Hamshack Hotline Hamshack Hotline (HH) is a FREE dedicated voip telecom service for the Ham Radio community.  Typically, phones are established in hamshacks, EOCs, Clubs & club members, ARES, and other Ham related areas and functions.  It is not the intention of HH to replace traffic carried over radio in an emergency or other tactical operation, but rather to augment it, by offloading managerial tactical operations and providing a full duplex path for such communications when spectrum is occupied, conditions diminished, or otherwise unavailable.   HH also supports FAXing of information (with appropriate equipment) which allows tactical offices to share documents & data between tactical locations.   In a non-tactical use, HH is an effective resource for off-air troubleshooting when you need to coordinate a troubleshoot of a radio circuit off-air and between multiple SMEs.   In addition to all this, conference bridges on the HH network allow large groups of Hams to coordinate & meet in real time anywhere in the world.

Getting on board HH is easy!  Just acquire a supported SIP capable phone (our network prefers to register hardware phones first), and open a ticketonce you have your phone.  If you have one of the phones on HH Supported Endpoints 1-7-19, then also include a picture of the Phone’s MAC address for super easy provisioning.  Before joining HH, please read and understand our HH Covenant3 If you have any questions, our FAQ may help, if not – feel free to open a ticket on our help desk.