Hello all Ham radio lovers out there. I am Parth K, call sign VU3FVW from India. I am an Electronics & Communication engineer and the founder and editor of Hamradiohub.com

Hamradiohub USA About us


I had the idea of founding this website from a long time. It took me a while to obtain my Ham radio license in India. As I met more Ham radio enthusiasts, I thought of making a information hub cum blog as a guide for Ham radio aspirants across USA. And that’s how hamradiohub.com is founded.

I founded Hamradiohub.com with the goal of helping anyone interested in FCC Amateur Radio License and experience the joy of ham radio. My blog tries to cover technical and non-technical topics for fundamental understanding and pave the path of success and joy for Ham radio aspirants of the USA. I try to help out Ham radio aspirants to provide with right information whether it be technical or non-technical aspect, accessories, equipment, gears or license exam.

You can reach out to us on hradiohub@gmail.com or simply click Contact Us