Baofeng uv-9g unlocking: Ultimate How to Guide Updated 2024

Baofeng uv-9g unlocking is one of the most common questions radio enthusiast have while playing around with configurations of various radio transceivers whether it is a Ham radio or a GMRS radio. Here is a brief step by step guide for Baofeng uv-9g unlocking.

Baofeng uv-9g unlock: Introduction

The Baofeng UV-9G radio is a popular choice among radio enthusiasts and emergency communication professionals. Many users face the challenge of Baofeng UV-9G unlocking radio to access its full potential. Here we have explained steps along with methods and precautions for the same.

Baofeng uv-9g unlocking Advantages: Why to unlock Baofeng uv-9g

Here are the advantages you can have by Baofeng uv-9g unlocking;

Extended Frequency Range

 By unlocking your radio, you can access a wider range of frequencies, allowing you to communicate with a broader network of users.

In simple words, It will support the frequencies that were not supported when it was not unlocked.

Enhanced Functionality

Unlocking your Baofeng UV-9G radio gives you access to additional features, such as dual-band capability, cross-band repeater functionality, and the ability to program custom channels.

This will allow one to access repeaters, program and store more custom channels in the Baofeng uv-9g device.

Improved Compatibility

Unlocked radios can communicate with a broader range of devices and systems, including other brands of radios and repeaters, increasing your communication options.

This may enable you to communicate with devices and modes that were unavailable before unlocking.

Baofeng uv-9g Unlocking Process: Step-by-Step

Well you can follow these steps and proceed with Baofeng uv-9g unlocking. It is advised to keep a company of a trained or experienced radio operator if you’re doing it for the first time.

Baofeng UV-9G Unlocking guide

Step-1: Gather Required materials for unlocking

Make sure you have following things ready before you start with this project;

Your Baofeng uv-9g radio

Make sure you have your Baofeng uv-9g radio ready to be unlocked.

USB Programming cable

You will need a USB programming cable for connecting your Baofeng radio with a computer or laptop.

Here is a good USB programming cable recommended.

Baofeng uv-9g unlock USB cable
  • With Original PL2303 chip inside
  • Mirkit provides special firmware for it upon request
  • Compatible with all Windows Operating systems including windows Vista and above.
  • Not compatible with MAC

CHIRP software

You will need a software called CHIRP to do the programming.

You can download the CHIRP software following the link below:

Also check the system requirements for the software to work in the link.

Step-2: Install CHIRP programming software

After downloading, you will need to install the CHIRP software to your computer or laptop.

Also connect your Baofeng uv-9g radio to your computer or laptop and install any driver software for it to work if required.

Step-3: Save your Radio’s existing configuration

It is important to save your Baofeng uv-9g’s current configuration to your computer or laptop so in case anything goes wrong, you can restore your previous configuration back to your radio. Here is how to do it?

  •   – Open the CHIRP software and select the appropriate radio model (Baofeng UV-9G).
  •    – Click on “Radio” and then “Download From Radio” to read the existing configuration from your radio.
  •    – Save this configuration as a backup file for future reference.

Step-4: Proceed with Baofeng uv-9G unlocking

Here is how to proceed with Baofeng uv-9g unlocking:

  •    – In the CHIRP software, go to the “Settings” tab and select “Set Unlock Password.”
  •    – Enter the unlock password (if required) and click “OK.”
  •    – Navigate to the “Settings” tab again, select “Set Unlock Range,” and enter the desired frequency range.
  •    – Click “OK” to apply the changes.

Update: Troubleshooting Instructions:

Q: I don’t see “My Baofeng Model Number” option in the Brand list, What to do?

A: Some of users may find this trouble due to port selection issue in your pc/laptop.

After Installing & launching “Chirp Software” on your computer while keeping your radio connected and turned ON; Make sure you select correct port number from “Device Manager” of your computer as shown in image below.

Unlock Baofent UV-9G 01

After connecting Radio and launching “Chirp” go to “Device Manager” note the Comm Port number.

Unlock Baofent UV-9G 03

Now go to “Chirp” and select the same Comm Port Number that is showing in the “Device Manager”.

Now you should be able to see “Baofeng” in brand list and your “Model Number” too.

Note: Apologies for bad “Screenshot” Quality.

Q: Unlocked Frequencies on UV-9G just able to “RX” and no “TX” possible, what to do?

A: Unfortunately, the firmware seems to be doing it. It’s not allowing to unlock the “TX” mode on all frequencies.

However found some hack that may work or may note work, But please do it at your own risk as it is not tested on all models and neither a reliable method:

You can backup your Baofeng and using latest GMRS-V2 programming software and backup the file to “.xml” file that will come up in “Chinese” Language. Use Google Translate to convert to English. Then edit it as you like to unlock and translate back to Chinese and reupload to your Radio.

Again It is a high risk and untested way that may not work on all models. Do it at your own risk.

Step-5: Program your customized channels

Now you are ready to Program your customized channels to your radio with following steps:

  •  – In the CHIRP software, navigate to the “Channels” tab and add or modify the desired channels.
  •    – Specify the frequency, tone settings, and other parameters for each channel.
  •    – Click “OK” to save the changes.

Step-6: Upload & Save configuration to the radio

Here is how to upload and save the configuration to the radio:

  •   – Connect your radio to the computer using the programming cable.
  •    – In the CHIRP software, click on “Radio” and then “Upload To Radio” to transfer the modified configuration to your Baofeng UV-9G radio.

Step-7: Verify the unlock status

And finally you can verify the unlock status as follows:

  •    – Disconnect the radio from the computer and power it on.
  •    – Access the programmed channels and test the functionality to ensure successful unlocking.

Risk factors associated with Baofeng uv-9g Unlocking:

Baofeng uv-9g unlocking may sound fun, but there are several factors you must take care of if you are doing it.

  • Make sure you do not transmit outside your privileged license class frequencies after unlocking and stay within boundaries of FCC rules and regulations.
  • Operating outside privileged frequencies increases the risk of interfering other radio channels and users.
  • There are chances that you may end up transmitting on prohibited frequencies unintentionally which might be a concern of safety for other radio users and may well attract legal consequences.


In conclusion, the Baofeng UV-9G radio unlocking is a fun activity which turns the radio into more versatile communication tool. By following this unlocking guide, you can expand your communication span, experiment with like-minded radio enthusiasts, and stay prepared for any situation.

It’s important to note that while unlocking frequencies can enhance your radio experience, you must use the Baofeng UV-9G radio responsibly and within legal boundaries. Ensure you have the necessary licenses to operate on specific frequencies, adhering to regulations set by your country’s communication authorities.

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1. Is it legal to unlock a Baofeng UV-9G radio?

Unlocking a Baofeng UV-9G radio for personal use is generally legal in most countries. However, it is essential to familiarize yourself with local regulations regarding radio communication and ensure compliance.

2. Can unlocking a Baofeng UV-9G radio cause damage to the device?

 Unlocking your Baofeng UV-9G radio using the recommended software and instructions should not cause any harm. However, it is crucial to follow the steps carefully and use compatible programming software to minimize the risk of any issues.

3. Can I revert the changes and restore the original configuration after unlocking?

Yes, you can revert the changes by utilizing the backup configuration file saved during the unlocking process. Simply open the CHIRP software, select “Radio,” and choose “Upload To Radio” to restore the original configuration.

4. Can I use the same method to unlock other Baofeng radio models?

The process described in this guide is specific to the Baofeng UV-9G model. However, similar methods and programming software like CHIRP can be used to unlock other Baofeng radio models. Refer to the appropriate resources and instructions for your specific model.

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