7 Best Mobile ham radio for Beginners USA 2023

Mobile Ham Radio equipment often creates confusion amongst Ham radio users; particularly the beginners as which one is better to use (particularly if they’re initially trained on a stationary equipment which is immobile). In this article we will figure out Importance of mobility and some best models to choose from.

Mobile Ham Radio: Importance and benefits

Mobile ham radios have become very popular tools for communication enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers, and emergency responders.

(Know about Ham Radio Emergency Frequencies)

Using mobile ham radio has several advantages like reliability, versatility, constant community engagement and ability to facilitate communication in remote areas or during emergencies which make them invaluable.

 In this article, we have recommended top 07 mobile ham radios available on Amazon, highlighting their features, pros, and cons to help you make an informed decision.

Best Mobile Ham Radio: Quick reference table

If you don’t have the time to go through the entire article, here is a quick reference table for top 7 mobile ham radios (Plus a bonus suggestion) to choose from:


Name/Model No



1. BTECH UV-50X2


2. Xiegu G90 HF


3. TYT TH-9800


4. Anytone AT-778UV


5. President Lincoln II Plus


6. BTech Mini UV-25X4


7. QYT KT-8900D




Mobile Ham Radio: Discussed Model wise

1. BTECH UV-50X2

Ham radio cost - Btech UV50X2 model

The BTECH UV-50X2 is a powerful mobile ham radio with a 50-watt output and dual-band capability (VHF/UHF).

It features full cross-band functionality, allowing simultaneous reception on two bands.

The large LCD screen, customizable channel names, and programmable function keys make it easy to operate and navigate the radio’s settings.

Pros and Cons of Btech UV-50X2

High power output for extended communication range.Some users reported issues with the microphone quality.
Dual-band capability for increased flexibility.Programming the radio can be challenging for beginners.
Cross-band functionality for simultaneous reception
Large LCD screen and customizable channel names for convenient operation.

2. Xiegu G90 HF

Mobile ham radio-XIEGU G-90

The Xiegu G90 is a compact and portable HF transceiver designed for amateur radio enthusiasts.

It covers multiple bands and offers features like built-in automatic antenna tuner, detachable display, and digital signal processing (DSP).

The G90 is known for its excellent receive sensitivity and low noise floor, making it ideal for weak signal reception.

Pros and Cons of Xiegu G-90

Compact and portable design.The interface could be more user-friendly.
Wide frequency coverage on multiple bands.The radio requires additional accessories for full functionality.
Built-in automatic antenna tuner for effortless tuning.
Detachable display for flexible installation options.
Excellent receive sensitivity and low noise floor for improved signal reception.

3. TYT TH-9800

Mobile ham radio-TYT TH9800D

The TYT TH-9800 is a versatile quad-band mobile ham radio that operates on the VHF, UHF, 220MHz, and 10-meter bands.

It features cross-band repeat functionality, detachable faceplate, and a large multifunctional LCD screen.

With 800 memory channels and multiple scan modes, the TH-9800 offers extensive customization and scanning options.

Pros and Cons of TYT TH-9800

Quad-band capability for wide frequency coverage.Programming the radio can be complex for beginners.
Cross-band repeat functionality for extended communication rangeSome users reported issues with the microphone quality.
Detachable faceplate for flexible installation.
Large LCD screen with multi-color display.
Extensive memory channels and scanning modes.

4. Anytone AT-778UV

Mobile ham radio-Anytone AT778UV

The AnyTone AT-778UV is a dual-band mobile radio that operates on the VHF and UHF bands.

It offers a compact design, a high power output of 25 watts, and multiple scan modes for efficient channel monitoring.

The radio includes a detachable faceplate, large LCD screen, and programmable function keys for easy operation.

Pros and Cons of Anytone AT-778UV

Compact and space saving design.
Some users reported issues with the software programming.
High power output for extended communication range.The microphone quality could be improved.
Multiple scan modes for efficient channel monitoring.
Detachable faceplate and large LCD screen for convenience.
Programmable function keys for customizable operation.

5. President Lincon II Plus

Mobile ham radio-President lincon II

The President Lincoln II Plus is a 10-meter amateur radio designed for advanced users.

It offers a broad frequency range, advanced features such as SSB (Single Sideband) modulation, and a large multi-function LCD screen.

The radio includes a built-in SWR meter for antenna tuning and an integrated echo function for voice effects.

Pros and Cons of President Lincon II Plus

Wide frequency coverage on the 10-meter band.Limited to the 10-meter band only.
Advanced features like SSB modulation for enhanced communication. Advanced features may be overwhelming for beginners.
Large multi-function LCD screen for easy operation.
Built-in SWR meter for antenna tuning.
Integrated echo function for voice effects.

6. BTECH Mini UV-25X4

Mobile ham radio-BTech UV 25X4

The BTECH UV-25X4 is a tri-band mobile radio that operates on the 2-meter, 1.25-meter, and 70-centimeter bands.

It offers a power output of 25 watts, dual-watch operation, and cross-band repeater functionality.

The radio features a large LCD screen, programmable function keys, and customizable channel names for easy and convenient operation.

Pros and Cons of BTech UV-25-X4

Tri-band capability for increased frequency coverage.– The programming software could be more user-friendly.
Dual-watch operation for monitoring multiple channels simultaneously.Some users experienced audio quality issues.
Cross-band repeater functionality for extended communication range.
Large LCD screen and programmable function keys for convenience.
Customizable channel names for personalized operation.

7. QYT KT-8900D

Mobile ham radio-QYT KT-8900D

It supports Dual-band operation (VHF & UHF) and dual standby function.

It has dual power settings (25W/10W) and other functions like FM Radio, PTT ID, DTMF, Remote stun, Remote Kill, Repeater & Alarm, Monitor.

 Its affordable pricing and compact design makes it a good choice for the beginners.

Pros and Cons of QYT KT-9800-D

Affordable price good audio qualityLimited output power
Easy installationDisplay size is relatively small
Good audio quality


Mobile ham radio-UV 5R 8W

Our Bonus suggestion is for beginners who has limited budget.

The Greaval UV5R Dual-band ham radio offers adjustable power output (High/Medium/Low) and supports keyboard or PC programming.

It has a rechargeable 1800mAh Li-ion battery for 12-20 hours of use, with an extra battery included. It allows dual-band standby for simultaneous monitoring and transmission on two channels.

Pros and Cons of UV-5R-8W

Cheapest model amongst all Limited frequency range
Very use-friendly and best for beginnersLow power output
Compact and sturdy
Clear reception

Mobile Ham Radio: Our Recommendation

For beginners, the bonus suggestion of “GREAVAL UV-5R 8W” is recommended due to it’s cheapest price, user-friendly features, ease of setup, and resources for learning about ham radios.

Greaval UV-5R-8W: Check Price on Amazon

Because you don’t want to be investing too much without having proper practice. Once you’re a pro, then you can always upgrade to the higher models.

Mobile Ham Radio: Conclusion

Whether you’re looking for extended communication range, compact design, or specific features like cross-band repeating, there is a mobile ham radio model that suits your needs.

The mobile ham radio models we’ve discussed in this article offer a range of features for different needs and preferences.

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Mobile Ham Radio: FAQs

1.Can I use a mobile ham radio for regular voice communication?

 Yes, mobile ham radios can be used for regular voice communication on authorized frequencies.

2.Are these mobile ham radios compatible with other ham radio brands?

 Yes, most mobile ham radios operate on standard frequencies and can communicate with radios from different brands.

3.Can I program frequencies manually on these radios?

 Yes, most mobile ham radios allow manual programming of frequencies, but some models may require additional software.

4.What is the range of mobile ham radio?

The range of mobile ham radio depends on various factors, including the power output, antenna height, terrain, and atmospheric conditions. With the right setup, you can communicate right from 5-10 miles up to hundreds of miles.

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